New ORGANIC Sake at Pure Food and Wine

Akira Organic Junmai Sake

Organic sake fans, rejoice! Japan only exports three certified organic sakes, and we’re proud to announce we now carry one of them. Introducing Akira Organic Junmai Sake at Pure Food and Wine! This pure, organic sake is full flavored and a touch rugged, with a bitter undertone, but still smooth and creamy. We recommend asking for it warm! This pure sake is powerful and presents a brand new flavor, while still being reminiscent of other traditional sake, and the beautiful fields of organic rice from which it was made. You’ll also be able to enjoy knowing that those fields of rice are free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Peace and tranquility in a cup!

organic sake

We LOVE sake at One Lucky Duck and Pure Food and Wine so much so that we even have it on tap! Even though it’s not raw, sake retains tons of nutrients, including amino acids. Instead of using harsher alcohols like vodka, or flavored alcohols that can be filled with sugar and artificial junk, we like to use sake in all of our cocktails at Pure Food and WineRead more about why we love sake, what makes it better than other alcohols, and how it’s made in our sake blog